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My new novel Starting Over is now available. You will be able to buy it as a
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Rough sleeper Olivia lands on her feet when kind-hearted Mavis rescues her from life in a supermarket car park, and takes her back to the co-housing development where she lives.

There Olivia finds a generous group of people, all with their own stories and problems – though none as potentially explosive as hers.

What led her to a life on the streets when her background is so obviously out of step with the lifestyle she adopted for herself? How long before the past and the people catch up with her?

It soon becomes apparent that Liv is not who she claims to be, and as her former life moves closer to a collision with her current one, she starts to realise that running away hasn’t really solved anything.

People don’t always want to be found, until they are…


Here is the latest review from Ingénu/e Magazine – Summer 2022 Issue 36:

This book is like the Tardis – it’s definitely bigger on the inside! A sudden tragic death; a girl sleeping rough; secrets and lies; dysfunctional families; selfless actions; political machinations; and a close-knit community – Starting Over has all this and more.
When kind-hearted Mavis befriends a homeless girl she little knows that her generous action will alter more than one life. When the girl suffers a senseless attack Mavis takes her in. But is the girl who she says she is, and what kind of welcome will there be for her at the housing complex where Mavis lives?
In another part of the country a loyal friend investigates a missing persons search for her fellow university student; and thus wheels are set in motion that will blow the lid off nefarious dealings and ruin more than one career.
Back in the Close, Mavis’s neighbours each have their own situations to deal with – will teenage Felix and his uptight mother resolve their differences, will Karen succeed in her quest to woo the recalcitrant Ed – but with the residents’ mix of characters spanning four generations the support of this little community is equal to the range of challenges, both domestic and romantic, that are thrown up.
Being presented with this broad cast of characters, which wouldn’t be out of place in a complicated crime drama was, at first, slightly bewildering, but as their personalities were fleshed out they started to pop off the page and I warmed to them and became invested in their various trails and tribulations.
The title ‘Starting Over’ touches many of the themes woven into the story, which is revealed page by page, scene by scene, with subtle hints to keep the reader guessing. The main plot line courses through the book like a river, starting as a small trickle then gaining momentum as it is fed by the tributaries of the sub-plots, until it swells into the swirling torrent of it’s denouement.
I was quickly drawn in, intrigued by the main story arc, entertained by the characters’ exploits, drawn so vividly, and even found myself moved on more than one occasion. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it, I think you will too.”


£10.00 + p&p
Published by Matador Publishing, released November 2021
ISBN: 978-1-80046-522-0
You can find this in the bookshop from the 28th November, with my other books.

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